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Paradigm Shifts  &

The Beishu Method

Paradigm shift: of all the treatments, practitioners, modalities and workshops I've experienced in the past 10 years, the one thing that stands out the most, is my paradigm shift sessions with Carol. It is easily THE most powerful, profound shift I've experienced, that has had a dramatic and effective impact on my life, health and well-being! My relationships completely changed for the better. I am attracting more of everything I've wanted, and old conditioning and habits don't have the same influence as before. Everyone needs a paradigm shift if they feel stuck in any area of their life!! It has completely changed mine!

Beishu:  as a client, my experience was eye-opening, impressive and significant. I felt a physical shift as well as an emotional connection to the things that were revealed during my treatment. The overall effect created lasting results and an enhanced state of peace of mind. I felt more balanced, grounded, relaxed and I experienced a restoration of energy and healing in my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states of being.


Beishu: as a student, I was blown away by Carol's depth of knowledge, wisdom, gifts and abilities! She is patient and meticulous and encouraging and was excellent with explaining concepts, the process, and providing a welcoming environment for practice. She is an extraordinary teacher that I feel incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with! I highly recommend the phenomenal growth and development opportunity of learning anything Carol has to offer. The Beishu method is a revolutionary approach to generate quantum change with lasting results. Learning it was such a profound experience filled with excitement and awe!! thank you for sharing!


Beishu: as a practitioner…

I must admit that having a degree in nursing and coming from and ICU background, I was a bit skeptical with regards to the simplicity of this particular approach to healing.


However, I am blown away with the results and impact that the the Beishu Method has had on my clients, friends, and family.


Treatments correct issues that may have seemed impossible to change, and provide an overall sense of grounding, balance and enhance health and well-being. I am amazed and often in awe at the things that may even come up in a session, and the results that are created because of it! Powerful! Profound, incredible and life-changing! I love this work so much!


Chantaal Karingten

Body Talk Practitioner

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