Paradigm Shifts, Uncomfortable?Hell Yes... Transcending?Absolutely!

Hi Everyone,

I have had a miraculous weekend which included a huge paradigm shift. I love how the universe works, so complex and simplistic simultaneously. I guess it all depends on our “perspective.” Come to think of it ever since I came up with the name New Perspectives Ministry for my business I have had several paradigm shifts…yippee.

I’m so excited about the one that happened this weekend I can hardly stay in my body! So let me try to explain the just of it…

As many of you know I had a client who is preparing to get married. She approached me and said that they, her and her spouse would like me to perform the wedding. I was elated, after spending so much time completing me studies to become an Ordained Minister, I could now submerge myself in a worthy cause, unions of the heart…yummy, right?

I was then informed by the Minister at my church, “The International Spiritual Alliance” that it may take up to a full 5 years to become legally registered with Vital Statistics and she asked if I was prepared for this. She cited several other Minsters who have started their own Centers and who had, in many cases waited for years. I went into total and complete shock, knowing that I had committed to perform my clients nuptials in Sept. this year.

Imagine my surprise when I received my approval and certification within 6 weeks. I thought to myself, “Spirit definitely has something to do with this…and this is obviously part of my future work with the Divine.”

I began to do what most entrepreneurs do, study who else are doing weddings, what type, their prices, what makes them unique and all that research that is so important. In my attempt to put something professional together I took info from sites that spoke to me, or that I thought I should model. Let me just say I did a lot of copying, pasting and re-wording. I was attempting to create something tangible that I could show to my client when we met. I had very little time and a short window of opportunity to prepare something somewhat professional, so I adlibbed in the interim. Yikes, what a colossal mistake, or was it?

My meeting was, you guessed it, this weekend. Not only with her, but also with her future husband. During this meeting I came to a pivotal point in my thinking about myself and how I operate. Uncomfortable, OMG…yes, transcending…absolutely! I realized I was placing myself, my worth, values, beliefs and connection to unions of the heart and the Divine in a cookie cutter role. I didn’t really want to be like so many other wedding officiants. YIKES…what on earth was I doing???

I have to share with you my gratitude for being so very blessed for the opportunities provided by my guides to grow, evolve and shift in such momentous and powerful ways. They ALWAYS without fail come through for me. At times, I am send down what I believe to be my new path, only to discover that my limiting beliefs have attached certain expectations to a situation. My guidance is firm, yet yielding and compassionate, for this I have been eternally grateful. Of course, I have become more open, flexible and less stubborn as well, which has definitely helped me move through some of my life lessons unscathed.

On Saturday, before my meeting with this client, I tuned into spirit and I asked, “what would be in my highest and best good to focus on for this meeting?” My answer, “Expect powerful change and a sudden shift in your perceptions.” I don’t mind telling you that I was a little perplexed by the answer. Instead of trying to figure it out I carried on preparing an information package for the two of them.

Well, after the meeting, I sat silently for 30 minutes and just absorbed the energy, process and what had occurred during the meeting. In quiet reflection I realized that in my attempt to prepare a website, price list, ceremony information and tidbits that I thought were important I forgot one vital truth…that which I had put together, my heart, spirit and being did not feel moved to do. Again…What on earth was I thinking! Perhaps the issue was that “I was thinking”, not feeling, being and experiencing the depth of the commitment, love and understanding that such an important vow/oath has.

The commitment to heartfelt love and to our beloved is one of the most sacred and important vows, we as humans choose to make while on the Earth plane and I know it should not to be entered into lightly or for the wrong reasons. I of all people understand the long term effects energetically and how it can affect us for many lifetimes to come. There is an unseen power that we discover in Love when we move toward an open loving heart. This important realization compares to no other. So have chosen to dedicate my services, love, kindness, compassion and reverence to couples who resonate with this truth. To you, I offer, my passion, knowledge and wisdom of ritual and energy.

So, the bottom line…I have shifted my focus and now choose only to perform unique unions that have some sort of spiritual or ritual essence to them. This is my authentic self and belief, this is my domain, where I am comfortable, where my heart is. In this space I no longer have to try to fit into a world that is not like me just to get in the business of marrying people! If you are one of the couple who resonate with my words, I encourage you to contact me. Begin with checking out my previous blog or my other website that is the business that I have had for over 20 years and is ever changing: Soul Alchemy Healing.

It is my hope that in the next few weeks I can re-vamp my website to better reflect this important message and connect with those who have an affinity with how spirit has chosen to work through me.

Did I mention how precious and awesome my guidance system and spirit guides are? If you didn’t hear me…”OMG, my guides are totally amazing!!!!”

So, if it wasn’t for my client wanting me to perform her wedding ceremony, I likely would not have moved on the getting registered to perform weddings thing. If it wasn’t for her partner calling me on my word/intention I likely would not have come to the realization of how the sacred has chosen to work and move through me to co-create the most precious and magnificent expressions of LOVE. It is with humbleness and gratitude, that I give thanks for this lesson, information and redirection of my being.

Yours in Humility and Truth,

Rev. Carol Lefevre

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